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I speak to large groups around the state every month. One of the key topics I take questions on is, “What vitamins & herbs should I be taking?’.   This is a hard question to answer since everyone is a unique individual.  I had this illustrated to me quite graphically at a picnic one year.  Two cousins ate some cookies off the table containing penuts.

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My sister Judy who lives in California got talked into going to a ‘Botox Party’.  You know the kind of party where self appointed pseudo-doctors dole out wine, cheese and injections of the botulism toxin?  Judy came home from the party and her husband was shocked to see that her face was permanently frozen into an expression that seemed to be channeling Macaulay Culkin from the Home Alone movie. 

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Barbra had been a lifelong friend. In fact several decades earlier I was ‘maid of honor’ at her wedding.  Through the years she had been a chiropractic patient as the wear and tear from long hours working as a professional cosmologist in her own shop tore up her neck and back.

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I have a passion. My passion is to get people to think differently about their health.  I have a passion to change the world one vertebrae at a time.  It is commonplace thought that we have to play a more active role in maintaining good health.  It’s our responsibility to ourselves.   Preventive measures can often prevent the reaction to get a “prescription" will clear up the ailment.