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A few months ago we saw a big positive presentation by Dr. Oz on his daytime medical program touting the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  This week the Toledo Blade had an issue on Alternative medicine that also extolled the benefits of acupuncture.  National magazines have run articles featuring veterinarians routinely using acupuncture for arthritis and other painful pet disorders.

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Dorothy and her friends in Oz have nothing on the average person trying to decipher the labyrinth of nutritional supplements out there in their quest for health.  What exactly are Vitamins?  Do I have to lick my Pet Rock to get my daily minerals?  Is Aloe Vera a herb or a Hawaiian greeting?

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Not really.  My daddy is pretty cool.  I became a chiropractor in order to follow in his footsteps. But there is one thing that irks me about him: He can put just about anything in his mouth and not gain weight.  I remember sitting across from him at the dinner table and watching him wolf down two stacked cheeseburgers, a double helping of potatoes salad (extra fat please) and a big side of chips.

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Karen and her family were long time chiropractic patients at our office. In fact they were second generation patients --her mother and father original patients with my father 30 years earlier. She was just in for what she termed a ‘tune-up’ visit prior to a family trip to Las Vegas. I am not much of a gambler but I did fish a dollar out of my pocket and she promised to play one pull of the slots with it for me.