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People hear the term “Alternative Medicine” quite often nowadays.  It has become the buzzword of a newly emerging health conscious America.  But what really is Alternative Medicine?  I can tell by my volume of mail that people have a wide range of perceptions, both right & wrong, as to what exactly constitutes Alternative Medicine.

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COUGH! SNEEZE! HACK! WHEEZE! No, these are not graphic appliqués from the old batman television series.  Spring brings with it the traditional runny nose, sneezing, watery and itchy eyes. Allergy symptoms torture up to one third of the American population during spring and fall months. Allergy medication is a multi-billion dollar industry.

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With the food of the holidays well behind us it is time to turn our attention to keeping our resolutions! One of the more popular resolutions (and most difficult to keep) is to lose weight for the New Year.

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Every New Year we get together with our friends to celebrate and publically promise that it is time to change. We reflect on what our lifestyle has wrought on our bodies and resolve to make this year different. We are going to eat better, exercise, stop the excesses and start taking care of ‘The Temple’ that is our body.