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One day in the past I saw three new patients with the same request; they wanted to regain ‘balance’ in their lives and health. 

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When Michele, my chiropractic assistant, took me aside and said Dr. Sara was on the phone and it was an emergency many things raced through my mind. Dr. Sara was a medical doctor in the mental health field and also a long time chiropractic patient. She was holistic about her health and came to see me about once a month for tune-up chiropractic care to keep herself healthy and balanced. Over the years we had become good friends. So it was with some trepidation that I took her call.

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Sometimes it is what you take away from a patient and not what you do to them that does the healing. Jim was a 65 year old farmer whose wife dragged him the fifty miles to our office with complaints of hand pain and swelling. He allso complained of general body pain and aches but dismissed them as, ‘What do you expect from hard farming for 50 years?”

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I remember being raised by a strict catholic mother who dragged us 5 kids to mass every Sunday morning rain or shine. Sometimes we would car pool with the neighbors down the street. In the summer us kids would balk at losing the opportunity to sleep till noon on a warm Sunday afternoon. I long since gave up arguing with Attila-my-mom but my friend Mike hadn’t yet thrown the towel in on the parental arguing front.