"I have lost a total of 70 pounds... only 30 more to meet my goal!"

In December of 2006, I saw my medical doctor for a routine physical. He said I was 100 pounds overweight. My cholesterol was off the chart, and I needed yet another blood pressure medication added to the two I already took. I was fat.

I thought about stomach surgery, but when I looked into the cost I couldn't afford it.

My medical doctor suggested I look into acupuncture. In January 2007, I made an appointment with Dr. Schwan. He explained his unique program, and it made sense how he uses acupuncture to curb your appetite while training you in his 10-step program to eat properly. But what really sold me was talking to a lady in his waiting room who showed me a picture of her "fat self." She keeps it to remind herself how much she accomplished.

The program was kinda neat. Dr. Schwan doesn't weigh you, but instead measures your girth which doesn't bounce around like a scale would from water loss and gain giving a true picture of fat burn.

Each step of the program was easy to master. I lost weight steadily each month and the best part was the cost of the acupuncture treatments ended up being free because of the money I saved on food!!

As I write this it is January of 2008, and I have lost a total of 70 pounds....only 30 more to meet my goal!