Needle-Free Acupuncture

I'm afraid of needles! What can I do?

Needles are only one way to stimulate acupuncture points. There are a number of other ways for the 'needle-impaired' to receive acupuncture. For example, in our office we can stick tiny rubberized electrodes to the skin. A small current is then run through the electrodes and in this way the acupuncture point is painlessly stimulated without breaking the skin.

This technique is frequently utilized for "facial-lift" acupuncture procedures. But there is no reason that any condition can not be treated in this manner.  The process is more time consuming to setup than simple needling, and some practitioners feel better results may be achieved by the deeper stimulation that needles provide. The choice is the patient's.

Other forms of needle-less treatment include stimulation with an electrical or mechanical probe, cold laser, or heating moxa over acupuncture points.