"Nothing was working to relieve my headaches"

I have had chronic migraine headaches since my youngest daughter was born. The headaches were severe and so bad that I would vomit. I could not keep up the house and some days were just lost to me. I went to see a neurologist who prescribed Imitrex and Cafergot. Neither worked very well and the side effects were even worse. He then ran a whole bunch of tests but found nothing at all wrong. I was taking all kinds of pills, but the headaches continued to get worse. Since nothing was working to relieve my headaches, I decided to see Dr. Schwan. He took a really long history and checked my diet for 'triggers'. He then prescribed specific Chinese acupuncture treatments. At first the headaches were less frequent and the ones I got were not as severe. Gradually I began to feel like a new person. I'm blessed to have found Dr. Schwan.

Amber B.