Weight Loss

What's the answer?

Our staff has put together an easy to understand and follow core program that consists of 10 easy-to-follow behavior modification steps. No fancy diets - eat what you want!

Successful acupuncture treatment for weight loss vary with the skill of the doctor. Dr. Schwan incorporates the normal appetite suppression points but, as well, treats the entire body to address other factors such as stress, emotional imbalance, digestion, compulsive disorders, water balance, etc., that may be contributing to the weight  problem.  

By being so thorough, Dr. Schwan believes you receive your best chance of achieving your long-term weight reduction goals and blossoming the 'New You' within!

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Acupuncture for weight loss

The body is very tricky. When you try to diet, the body conserves calories. If you try multiple diets in a row, the body will actually gain more weight over the long term than if the person did not try and diet at all!

Many studies show acupuncture at number three among effective techniques for sustained, long-term weight loss. (The first two being gastric bypass surgery and lap band surgery.)

The patients who achieve the best long-term sustained weight reduction with acupuncture are involved in programs that include significant lifestyle coaching. What good is it to loose weight if bad habits lead to gaining it all back?

How much weight will I lose?

We measure progress a little differently with our program. Rather than using a scale, we measure the girth of the patient with each visit. This gives us the most accurate barometer of fat burn.

Taking a patient's weight can be deceiving because of water metabolism. When you first go on any restricted calorie diet, the body responds by dumping water. Grapefruit diets, kumquat diets, banana diets all stimulate massive diureses (water loss) via the kidneys. So a week after you start the latest, greatest diet you jump on a scale and are ecstatic to see you lost 15 pounds or more! You continue the diet religiously and two weeks after that you jump on the scale again only to find you actually gained back a few pounds. Disillusioned, you drop off the diet and regain all the weight and more...

What's going on? Well the first two weeks your weight loss was entirely water moving out of the body. In fact, it takes two weeks just to START BURNING FAT!  After the initial two weeks, the body rebalanced its water and began to retain it again, contributing to the apparent weight gain.

With Dr. Schwan's program, there is no need for restrictive diets at all.  Instead of concentrating on a fluctuating water weight, we graph out successive girth measurements which reflect almost entirely fat retention. Over time, the body slims and the 'New You'emerges.

Putting things in perspective, patients with gastric bypass typically lose about eight pounds per month their first year. Lap band patients lose closer to six pounds per month.

Our patients tend to lose, on average, about 6.4 pounds per month on our program.

While this may not be particularly impressive sounding numbers when viewed next to advertisements promising 'LOSE TWENTY POUNDS IN TWENTY DAYS!" one must remember that this is SUSTAINED long-term weight loss -  and that is all the difference!

Cost Savings of acupuncture for weight loss

Cost savings for food is substantial. The average adult spends about $400 per month on food at home and out at restaurants.  We have seen this amount cut to $150 per month in most of our cases.  Thus, the ongoing treatment is paid for the most part in substantial monthly food bill savings.  What is it worth to you to find the 'New You' inside?

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